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The Studio

World-class recording in the Adelaide Hills

Mixmasters is pretty much an Aust icon. Home of a heavenly host of gear and instruments any musician / musical bod who loves records, and the golden era of recording would be happy to share a room with.


Based around the first SSL 4000 recording console to find its way to Australia.


Usually the first thing to see a track is the Studer 827, via a bank of ancient Neve console channels, and one of the most loveable mic collections in the land, from a host of vintage 47's and 48's to the whole range of Josephson's, and almost everything in between, with more ribbons than a 5 year old girls birthday.


Its a musician / bands Xanadu, you can stay in the apartment, and forget the world is out there, and isn't that what we are trying to do? (within reason).

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