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About Mixmasters

Mixmasters has been the home to so many albums, it would be just silly to list them. From original Adelaide icons (Daisy Heads, Lizard train, Krytapinzch etc etc)Â to national heroes (Jeff Lang, Pigram Brothers, Angels, Shane Howard, Dingoes, Large Number Twelves, Amanda Palmer, Yearlings, Audreys, Jackson Firebird, Laura Hill, Borderers, Huckleberry Swedes, Cindi Boste, Nigel Werne, the list goes on).

Owned, built and run by me (Mr Mick Wordley), I have been on a life long obsession with recording music, sonic landscapes, playing music, and producing music since school days, making it a full time endeavor for the past 30 odd years (very odd).

Its been a trip and a blast to work with many great musicians, producers and collaborators over the years.

Can I invite you to my table of audio relics, that I have collected?

Don't want to bore you with geekism, but these are my (our) tools, and when they are ambient, they are "art", and feel nice to "be around’.

You can hang a 72 Gold Top on the wall, and just because its not being played, don't mean its "idle", and doesn't belong (and serving a purpose).

So ...

Want (need) a Hammond ? ... next to the console is a 39 Hammond BC, feeding a Leslie in the "Leslie room", but played in the control room, with personal monitors.

Piano? in the studio stands a Yamaha C-2 (1982) 9 foot full concert grand, I am sure it has many children and is a proud mum, its sounds like a matriarch should. Maybe a Rhodes?... On the rear wall is a beautiful "suitcase" Rhodes... or if you prefer, plug the Wurly into the Fender Vibrolux, or the 40's Magnatone, and let the trem "sing”.

For those purveyors of microphones ...

In my cupboard lies:

X2 U-47 (VF-14), X2 U-48, X4 U-67, X2 KM-54, X6 Josephson E-22, X4 Josephson C-42, X2 Mojave MA-100, X2 SM-69, X2 KM-84, X2 Mercenary KM-69, X2 JZ 47 vintage, Josephson 715, 716, Josephson 700, RSM M/S, Calrec Soundfield, X2 U-47 fet, X4 AKG 414, X3 AKG C-12A, AKG 451's, X2 460's, Sennheiser MK-20, 421's ..

Ribbons: AEA x2 440's, 840, 84, X4 R-92, X2 N-22, X2 R-88, Royer: SF-24V, 122-V, 121's, RCA 77's X3, Junior, Coles 4038 X2, STC biscuit, pair of Tannoy ancient ribbons, plenty of oldies.

58's, 57's Beta's, SM-7B, AKG D-112, Heil's (plenty), Audix, blah blah.

For Entree: (pre's)

X8 Neve 1064's, X4 Neve Ba-183, X2 Neve 3314 (broadcast), X3 Telefunken V-76, X4 Sytek MPX-4A, Trident 80 pair, Quad Eight X2, Avalon 2022, Avalon 737 X2, UA 6176 X2, X48 SSL console pre’s.

For Dinner (outboard)

X2 Pultec EQP-1A, Pultec .. in progress .... more to come ...

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